Climate Transition Catalysts

Urgentem is the award winning provider of emissions data and climate risk analytics to the finance industry.




Science Alignment

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"With the help of Urgentem we have been able to measure and report the GHG footprint of our direct listed portfolio and keep track of the coal companies which we have excluded from our investment universe.”

- Ilmarinen | Gerald Esono (Responsible Investment Analyst)



"After a review of data providers in this space, we have decided to partner with Urgentem. What stands out to us is the granularity with which we are able to access all carbon metrics, the transparency of the methodologies applied and agility of the team to continue to innovate around new industry guidance. We will be using their science-aligned climate scenario analysis to help connect clients with their investments, and we think it is a useful tool for us to track the portfolios we manage against a low-carbon future trajectory.”

- EQ Investors | Louisiana Salge (Impact Specialist)



"Urgentem have been an important partner in pioneering the carbon avoided concept. The Urgentem team have been very willing to provide time and support to ensure a high quality method and this concept has supported us in our identification and engagement with leading companies driving decarbonisation."

Ninety One (previously Investec Asset Management) | Global Environment Fund

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"Cbus Super has been actively managing climate change risks and opportunities for many years and has been recognised for its efforts. In addition to traditional carbon footprinting analysis, Urgentem’s platform will assist us to undertake forward looking climate change scenario analysis and integration across the equities portfolio."

- CBUS Super | James Spencer (Senior Analyst, Responsible Investment)