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Investment Strategies

Avoided Emissions

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Alongside climate risk, Urgentem has worked extensively to develop datasets and methodologies to quantify current and potential Avoided Emissions. 

Our approach aims to capture the benefit of the development of certain products and services via the quantification of these Avoided Emissions.


While reported avoided emissions data is often opaque and inconsistent, we believe there is substantial value to be gained from modelling and understanding these contributions. Our approach follows best practice frameworks and aims to quantify the benefit of certain products and services so as to appropriately direct capital towards these crucial technologies.

Urgentem’s approach is adapted to the needs of our clients and varies in depth and complexity. Some of the use cases for our clients include TCFD aligned climate reporting, corporate engagement, portfolio strategies, investment decision making and index creation. 

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Urgentem - Avoided Emissions Offering Spectrum


Urgentem’s approach to producing substantive and science-based quantifications of the contributions of goods and services towards the transition to a low carbon economy involves:

  • Review of 5,000+ companies for reported avoided emissions

  • Development of 40+ sector-specific methodologies

  • Generation of Product, Service, Company, Sector and Portfolio level outputs

  • Quantifying both Current and Potential Avoided Emissions

Client Testimony



"Urgentem have been an important partner in pioneering the carbon avoided concept. The Urgentem team have been very willing to provide time and support to ensure a high-quality method and this concept has supported us in our identification and engagement with leading companies driving decarbonisation."

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