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Urgentem Insight Briefings

April 2021

Screening for low emission portfolios. How to beat the benchmark.

This Insight Briefing outlines the results of our screening analysis across the Urgentem emissions data universe using Scope 1&2 and Scope 1,2&3 tests.  


The results will surprise many investors because they challenge many unquestioned assumptions and generalisations about sectoral emissions performance in addition to highlighting new opportunities in areas that have hitherto been overlooked. Download the full report here

November 2020

Carbon Emission Transparency: The Good News and the Bad

While there is a clear trend towards companies globally increasingly reporting some degree of emissions data (either voluntarily or via regulation), investors need to be aware of the relative completeness of the data, especially when making comparisons. All may not be as it seems! Download the full report here

August 2020

How important are Scope 3 emissions when measuring Portfolio Impact? 

Using Urgentem's Element6™ Climate Risk Platform, our first issue of Urgentem Insights demonstrates how the inclusion of Scope 3 not only impacts the entire carbon footprint, but also reveals surprising results regarding the distribution of the impact across a portfolio. Download the full report here.