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Investment Strategies

Science-Based Target Setting

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At Urgentem, we have the experience, expertise and tools to guide and support organisations throughout their Science-Based Target Setting journey.


Participating in SBTi working groups, Urgentem helped shape the development of Temperature Scoring methodologies (SBTi Temperature Scoring and Portfolio Coverage Tool). These metrics, including Urgentem’s Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) metric, coupled with Urgentem’s comprehensive emissions reduction targets dataset, provide the tools for our clients to set their own Science-Based Targets.


Our emissions reduction targets dataset, incorporating over 9,000 targets, covering around 2,500 companies, is one of the most extensive in terms of coverage. This dataset is fundamental in the setting of Science-Based Targets for financial institutions. Our ITR metrics are calculated at the target, company and portfolio level, and are available via API, spreadsheets and our Element6 Platform.


In addition to our data and analytics, Urgentem’s Climate Solutions team has the expertise necessary to aid the target modelling and approval process and ensure targets are robust and science-aligned

  • 9,000 Emission Reduction Targets

  • Extending to the year 2100

  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions covered

  • Global Coverage

  • Absolute & Intensity based targets

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