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Investment Strategies

TCFD Reporting & Support

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Our Climate Solutions team offers a suite of TCFD support services, including workshops, reporting, climate scenario analysis and check-and review support. Our experienced team has a track record of delivering tailored TCFD solutions, integrating financial sector-specific recommendations, and multi-asset solutions.

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Regardless of your current alignment position, Urgentem’s data, metrics and services can support your organisation to achieve its climate ambitions and goals. Urgentem’s approach guides you through the TCFD journey to full alignment.

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Case Study: Varma

Urgentem supported Varma, a Finnish Pension Insurance company on their TCFD alignment journey.


A core aspect of this was a series of workshops conducted with board-level members to integrate the core principles of TCFD into the business, and to align understandings and expectations for TCFD alignment. The workshops were integrated as part of a wider scope of work, including climate scenario analysis and providing TCFD-aligned metrics.

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