Climate Transition Catalysts




Energy Transition: Visual Insights

The webinar is an innovative visual presentation of global energy insights in the form of infographics, produced by Urgentem's Data Journalism College. 



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Scope 3: Visual Insights


The webinar is an innovative visual presentation of Scope 3 emissions insights in the form of infographics, produced by Urgentem's Data Journalism College. It is the first webinar in our new Climate Graphics series. 



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Everything you wanted to know about Climate Risk (But were afraid to ask!) - In partnership with ALMIS International

The webinar explores different types of climate risks (physical and transition -market, technology, policy oriented) and provide an essential overview particularly for banks & building societies. 

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Urgentem Launches SBTi Temperature Metric on Element6 Climate Risk Platform

This webinar explores the new temperature metric on Urgentem's Element6 Climate Risk and provides an overview of the features. The Science Based Targets initiative is convened by WWF and the webinar introduces the temperature metric which is fully integrated in the Element6 Climate Risk Platform and based on SBTi methodology. The metric enables temperature analysis at the portfolio, sector and company level.

The webinar can be accessed at:

From TCFD to Exponential KPIs: The Net Zero Challenge

In this webinar we explore the full spectrum of climate transition KPIs from corporate reporting to investment climate risk analytics while taking a closer look at the Exponential Roadmap Initiative 1.5 Degree Playbook.

This webinar is essential viewing for experienced and novice investors and corporations integrating climate risk into their disclosure and strategic frameworks.

Get jargon-free, practical guidelines for action in addition to insights about data and analytics that enable greater transparency and science-aligned methodologies, as well as clear guidelines of what climate data corporates should report.

You will also develop an understanding of how transparent data and methodologies can help assess climate risk and access practical insights into how to engage with corporates to improve their sustainability reporting and disclosure.

The webinar can be accessed at: 

Element6™: The Climate Platform for Change (Live Demo)

Element6™ is a dynamic and modular climate risk analysis and management solution with an onboard array of data and analytical functions.

The platform is a stand-alone cloud-based platform which enables users across the financial industry spectrum to clearly understand portfolio emissions, climate risks, opportunities, meet regulatory and fiduciary reporting requirements and navigate the transition to a net-zero world.

Business Development Associate, Nick Gaskell, and Senior Engagement Manager, Ian Stannard provide an overview of the features, capabilities, and analytics of the platform. This live demo guides viewers through the seamless climate reporting, analytics and forward-looking functionality of Element6™ modules.

The webinar can be accessed at:

Measuring What Matters: Metrics that Drive Impact

Climate change is the most objective and material risk facing companies across all sectors of the global economy. To meet the Paris Agreement we require decarbonisation across supply chains on a yearly basis. In this webinar, Nick Gaskell discusses how Engaged Tracking puts forward the necessary metrics to measure and assess climate risk.

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