Climate Transition Catalysts



Urgentem works with clients across the financial industry, providing reporting and risk management solutions to the entire value chain from regulators, investment managers, and lenders, to financial intermediaries and a European Central Bank.


Our tools provide clients with the ability to integrate climate risk analysis and reporting into their processes and service offerings. Examples of work with our clients include the following:

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Urgentem is working with a European Central Bank to support the development of their Climate Stress Testing Methodology. We are providing data and advisory services to develop this methodology. 

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Cbus Super has been actively managing climate change risks and opportunities for many years. In addition to enabling Cbus to undertake carbon footprinting analysis, Urgentem’s platform enables the firm to integrate forward looking climate change scenario analysis across their equities portfolio.  


BlueBay Asset Management (BBAM) is using the Urgentem Climate Risk Platform to manage climate-related risks for their full fixed income universe with a special focus on enhancing climate risk considerations for the fixed income asset class.

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Urgentem is leveraging its sector-specific avoided emissions methodology to help Baillie Gifford quantify the carbon savings potential of investee companies that are contributing to climate solutions.


The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is using Urgentem's emissions dataset and methodology for internal research purposes, as well as to produce external publications on sustainable finance issues.

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Using transparent Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions data, we developed an avoided emissions methodology to support NinetyOne's (formerly Investec Asset Management) Global Environment fund range. 


Urgentem has worked with the World Gold Council to explore the implications of the transition towards a Net Zero carbon economy for gold as a portfolio asset. Specifically, we sought to quantify the impact of introducing gold as a strategic investment to a global multi-asset portfolio from a climate transition perspective, while mindful of its risk and return performance too.

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With the flexibility to explore both reporting and risk analytics, Urgentem's reporting tools have enabled LPP to meet their TCFD reporting requirements while maintaining their risk-return profile.


Using Urgentem's Climate Risk Platform analytics, we worked with Folksam to identify and investigate high emitting securities within their portfolio. Urgentem's data, analytics and advisory services have contributed to Folksam's corporate engagement activities.


Ashdon uses our tools to assess company-level climate-risk and measure the climate impact of their underlying portfolio holdings.


Ilmarinen, a leading Asset Owner, is using Urgentem's Climate Risk Platform and advisory services to  develop forward-looking metrics and integrate them into their climate risk, investment and reporting processes.


NordLB is using Urgentem's carbon emissions data for their credit portfolio in order to meet the stress-testing requirements for European banks that has been stipulated by the ECB.


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A multifaceted challenge like climate change requires a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach. We have integrated IPCC and IEA scenario pathways into our toolkit, and continuously revise our data methodologies in order to align our tools with the latest climate-science and regulatory trends.


We are delighted to become a signatory of the UN-supported PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and contribute towards a more sustainable global financial system.


Urgentem is supporting the OS Climate initiative in the creation of an open-source Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) Tool to measure portfolio alignment by providing our comprehensive emissions dataset.

We are delighted to be one of ten start-ups selected from across the EU, for the PwC 2021 Scale | FinTech programme. The programme aims to bridge the gap between the start-up ecosystem and the corporate world to accelerate change and drive innovation. 


We are proud to be a member of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association whose mission is to grow sustainable and responsible finance in the UK.

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We use the SASB Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) to effectively group companies based on their climate impact within the Element6™ Climate Risk Platform.


We are proud to announce that Urgentem is now a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter. The TTC is an employer-led initiative to encourage greater inclusion and diversity in the tech workforce of the UK, and is supported by the UK Digital Strategy.

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We collaborate with Carbon Tracker to incorporate energy sector asset-level data into an analytical toolkit which provides investors with a granular assessment of asset stranding in the energy sector.


We are working with, a project that improves academic access to climate data and analytics across Europe, to promote multidisciplinary research on climate issues.


We are proud to announce that Urgentem has joined the Climate Neutral Now initiative. Launched by UN Climate Change in 2015, Climate Neutral Now invites organisations, governments, and citizens to work towards global climate neutrality by addressing their own climate footprint.

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We are a part of the Exponential Roadmap project, a consortium of corporates, NGOs, and research institutes, which is developing a strategic framework to enable businesses to transition to a 1.5C world.