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Climates of Change: Work and Wellbeing in the Anthropocene

Podcast Series: Introduction

Changing the way that we think about climate change

The Grantham institute recently called climate change and mental health two of the most significant challenges facing societies right now.

And while there’s a lot of media coverage of eco-anxiety, ecological grief, post and even pre-traumatic stress, the impact of the climate crisis on the wellbeing and mental health of people at work is barely ever mentioned or even acknowledged.

We feel that there’s a blind-spot here. This is acknowledged in the latest IPPC report which points out that we’re treating climate change as a purely external, technical challenge while there’s a subjective, inner or relational dimension to climate change that we need to pay attention to. Our mindsets, beliefs, values and ways of relating to ourselves, to others and the planet are both a cause of the problem and potentially a leverage point for change

So, what does the future look like for wellbeing at work as the climate crisis intensifies and the profound societal changes necessitated by the transition to a low carbon economy intensify?

What can Business Leaders and influencers do to transform work into a developmental activity that equips people with the skills, mindsets and training they need to stay focused, effective, creative and compassionate as unprecedented changes happen around them?  

In this Podcast series, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Urgentem’s Head of Culture and wellbeing, will be asking leading academic researchers and theorists, psychologists, CEOs and climate-aware culture and wellbeing practitioners, “Do organisations in the Anthropocene have a new duty of care towards their employees? “


If so, what does that look like?

Join us to find out what they think and add your voice to the conversation

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